Master Your Facebook Funnel 

Generate leads on autopilot using Facebook Ads (without spending thousands of dollars!)

👉 Do you want to expand your online reach and escape from your local competition?

👉 Are you ready to build your social reputation?

👉 Can your business handle a steady surge of new leads and sales?

If you answered yes to any of these, then I’m excited to show you how to sell with sincerity using my proven sales funnel strategies with Facebook Ads. 

When it comes to advertising on Facebook chances are you are:


A TOTAL NEWBIE: You’ve heard about Facebook Ads, but never felt comfortable using them in your business. 

You’re currently relying on organic social media posting to connect with your ideal clients… but your reach is dwindling. You need to find new ways to reach your existing clients and find new clients.


JUST GETTING STARTED: you’ve tried creating Facebook Ads in the past, but they just haven't worked!

You’re spending your money Boosting Posts... but you're not seeing any REAL results… and you’re looking to launch into the Ads Manager, but you have NO IDEA where to start. You’re feeling overwhelmed to say the least.


READY TO LAUNCH: you know you're way around the Ads Manager - but now you need strategic direction...

You’ve created campaigns in the past, however they're a little hit 'n' miss. You want to know why, so you can scale & automate!

If you're looking for confidence & consistency on Social Media, Facebook Ads are a simple (and effective) way to grow and scale your business…  

I have a simple 'rinse & repeat' system to help you create Ads that will generate new leads for you business DAILY!

When You Learn How to Master your Facebook Funnel, You’re Set to Go!

I’ve created this course because I’ve seen too many Facebook Ad train wrecks…  

These are the sort of stories that I hate to hear, because I know I could have helped these business women if I’d been there from the start. And by the time they call me they’ve spent thousands of dollars.  

But this isn’t the worst part…  

The loss of confidence that comes with a failed Facebook Ad campaign can be devastating.  

After all it’s taken years to get to where you are, and when you run a campaign that flops it sends your self-belief plummeting.  

When it comes to selling online, your confidence, self-worth and mindset are everything, and that’s why this course is designed to build these up, so the results you get help you soar.  

In this course I’ll help you identify the 3 most common blocks for Facebook Ad success:  

👉No clicks 👉Clicks but no bites 👉Clicks & leads, but no sales  

And I’ll show you how to test, measure and fix them.


"I feel like I finally understand how Facebook Ads work!! I wish I’d done this $1000 ago!”  

- Lene, Eiress Jewellery

Here's what you can expect...

Master Your Facebook Funnel is not just another online course.

It’s a hand-held training, mentoring and accountability program that will help you find, attract and convert your ideal customers on Facebook.

You’ll discover my simple step-by-step strategies to creating high performing Facebook Ads & Sales Funnels that have allowed me to scale my business & generate over $23,000 for my 1:1 clients.

3 Sales Funnel Strategies

Learn how to take your audience through a process to help them: discover you, like you, trust you & buy from you.

  • Done for you funnel maps 
  • Step by step actions plans
  • Video lessons 


  • Foundations: An introduction to Campaign Structures & Split Testing.
  • Objectives: How to 'work the system' to get Facebook delivering you high quality traffic.
  • Targeting: Building custom, lookalike & saved audiences.
  • Placement & Budget: Learning how to spend wiser and on the right platforms!
  • Creatives: Creating scroll-stopping Ads that generate engagement & clicks 
  • Guidelines: To help you stay in the good books with Facebook!

TECH TUTORIALS on demand including:

  • How to set up your Facebook As Manager from scratch!
  • How to download your Facebook Tracking Pixel and install it on your website.
  • Guided step by step tutorials on how to create targeted & custom Facebook audiences, and save them to your account, allowing you to use them in all future Ad Campaigns.
  • How to get your first 1,000 Facebook Fans, for under $30 and in less than 1 week.
  • Guided step by step tutorials on how to create the 14 different Facebook Ad Campaigns available within the Facebook Ads Manager.
  • Guided step by step tutorials on how to start, stop and edit your Facebook Ads.
  • Guided step by step tutorials on how to split test your Ads and your Audiences.
  • Guided step by step tutorials on how to create the 5 different types of Facebook Ads; included Carousel, Canvas, Slideshows, Videos, and Single Image.


"When I started the course, my business was not getting any inquiries from Facebook.  

Now, I’m getting at least 6 high-quality leads per week!  

HIGH quality leads - 99% of people have booked a service (minimum of $160 ) after coming through Facebook."  

 Asia Mogilevsky  


 Are you ready to join me?

Upfront Payment 


OR 12 Instalments of $97

Plus, To Keep Your Confidence Soaring You'll Also Get...

The Private Members Only Facebook Group

Our private Facebook group is on FIRE with daily posts from myself, and other fabulous members that are seeking advice, feedback and support.  

We leverage each other to build the most powerful & profitable Facebook Ad Campaigns.

BONUS LESSON: Create landing pages that convert at over 50%

I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of creating a high-converting Landing Page using Lead Pages, including:  

  • How to set-up a LeadPages account
  • The templates I use to create landing pages
  • Tips & Tricks to ensure your landing pages convert at a high rate
  • How to integrate your landing page with your email provider  

BONUS LESSON: Create landing pages that convert at over 50%

This tutorial will walk you through all the tech related to setting up your email automation platform.  

This will include:  

  • Setting up your email marketing platform
  • Creating a new list for your sales funnel
  • Creating an automated email sequence
  • How to segment your lists to ensure your delivering relevant emails to your subscribers.  

Bonus Lesson: How to Create Perfect Ad Images on Canva

In this bonus module, you'll learn exactly how to create Facebook Ad Images (and a lot more) using a Free Graphic Design tool, Canva. 

  • An introduction to Canva, including how to set up an account and create your first design.
  • How to access professionally designed Ad Images, and edit them to suit your brand.
  • How to upload a standard photo and turn it into a professional looking Ad graphic with your logo appearing on your photo.

Bonus Lesson: The Secret Recipe for Crafting Compelling Adverts that Convert!

Our fabulous copywriter Lisa Kniebe from Stella Polaris joins us for an intense Bonus Module, fousing on writing sales copy that converts!

  • The Secret Ingredients to Sales Success
  • How to mix up your Copy & make it fabulous!
  • Crafting a slippery slide to a sale!

& You'll have me working by your side!

Incase we haven't met, I'm Jess.

A wife, mum of 2 crazy boys & natural introvert...

I’ve always struggled to sell myself…  

So how did I, build a successful business?  

The answer may surprise you…  


Like you, I started by delivering a super quality, personal 1:1 service where I managed and ran high converting Facebook ad campaigns. But I soon saw this model was exhausting…  


I could only serve a handful of clients!  

If you’re anything like me, you started your business to create freedom in your life. But it doesn’t feel like that when you’re:  

  • Constantly working late at night
  • Squeezing client work in between dinner and bath time
  • Feeling guilty giving yourself a day off  

Chances are you need to take control, leverage your time and make a change, but you’re not sure how.  

And that’s where I can help…  

If you want to build a high converting funnel using Facebook ads, then you’re going to LOVE Master Your Facebook Funnel!  

Why? Because this little gem is going to give you:  

  • Step by step campaign walk-throughs 
  • Tailored live training (to hit the exact spot where you’re stuck)
  • Weekly reminders to keep you on track
  • Supportive group to share the wobbles
  • Guaranteed lifetime access 
  • Immediate entry to all 4 modules

"I'm getting new leads daily without having to do anything"

I was able to complete the course just before my little boy arrived a couple of weeks ago! Im so glad I did because my brain has zero capacity for biz stuff at the moment and yet everyday Im getting new leads without having to do anything!

I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to use facebook ads for their business!

- Kate, Little Yarrow

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

I’ve made sure that this program is the simplest Ad-creation course available.  

The content in this course has come from years of testing Facebook Ads for my own business, as well creating Ads for all of my clients, across a variety of industries.  

However, if you’re on the fence…or if other online training programs have left you feeling hesitant, then I'd like for you to feel safe knowing that you have my Guarantee.  

Complete the course step-by-step and If you're still unable to create your own Facebook Ad Campaigns, I'll happily give your money back.

This program is for you if...


You like flexibility

Whether you like to burn the midnight oil and binge watch the modules all night (like a good Netflix series) or take it slow and steady, these on demand modules are ready when you are!


You want to take baby steps

All the modules are broken up into bite sized nibbles, which means you can pace yourself in whatever way suits you. 


You're busy & have very little time

This nimble little number will squeeze into your life whether it’s 15 minutes (between the school run and your 1:1 clients) or a couple of hours each weekend when you get some down time.


You're ready for growth

You know that your next step needs to be focusing on building an email list, scaling online and putting leads on rinse and repeat. Facebook Ads will allow you to extend your reach, and achieve this but you’re not 100% sure how to make it all happen (while still servicing your 1:1 clients)! 


You’re able to invest 2-3 hours per week to work on your sales funnel

You understand the difference between working ON your business and working IN your business. The first keeps you on the treadmill exchanging time for money and the second builds a leveraged, scaled business that can grow beyond your 1:1 work. But you need to invest a small amount of time each week to make this happen. This course will help you consistently work On your business to grow and scale.


You’re able to invest at least $300 per month into Facebook Advertising

You’ve got existing clients and money is flowing into your business, so you’re able to allocate a minimum of $300 per month to spend on Facebook ads. Building your funnel is a long term strategy that you know will pay you back, but cashflow upfront is going to make it happen.


You're 'ok' with navigating your way around tech

You don’t call yourself a tech whiz, but you can navigate your way round the basic systems in your business for example Mailchimp, WordPress or Facebook pages. 

This program is NOT for you if...


Your business is sinking, and you need a quick fix

Your funnel and Facebook ads are a long term strategy that will build your business for the future, but they aren’t a quick fix (and anyone who promises they are is misleading you!). 


You've got no time to invest

If you’re time poor and have no hours spare to work ON your business, then you need to focus on your time management before jumping on this course. To get the best results you need 2-3 hours per week to work on your funnel, outside of your regular client work. 


You've got no income to invest in your Ads

I will show you how to get the best return on your ad budget, but you do need an ad budget. If $300 a month is going to stretch you beyond what’s comfortable in your life and business, then this may not be the right time for you. Cashflow is your priority and although building your online business is important, build up an ad budget so you can be most effective when you launch.

With my help you can MASTER Facebook Funnel!

Master Your Facebook Funnel is designed especially for busy entrepreneurs and business owners just like you and it’s where I share the exact methods and techniques I have used, and continue to use, to design and launch high converting, performance-based Facebook ads & Sales Funnels for my clients.  

I’ve combined the convenience of a self-study course, with the value of receiving personalised advice, feedback and support – because every campaign and every funnel needs a unique approach that aligns with their business and attracts their target audience.

Here's what other people are saying about the couse...

Jess, I just want to thank you for creating the BEST training course for Facebook advertising.  

You are a wealth of knowledge and the way you have structured your learning and training modules is exceptional and so easy to follow. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and highly recommend it to anyone with a business no matter how much you think you know this will benefit everyone.  

In an ever changing world of Facebook it is so important to understand how it all works in order to fully understand how to best market your business and you have really nailed it all. Thank you again and I look forward to learning even more from you over the years to come.  

Rachael Ferguson, Synxsole 

Jess demystified Facebook ads for me!  

Her course is a fantastic step-by-step guide for those completely new to Facebook ads as it starts with basic concepts and builds upon them from module to module.  

The information taught was carefully curated, structured and well explained – without jargon.  

I loved the support from the Facebook group as well and Jess went above and beyond to reply quickly (even sometimes out of office hours). Being online, the course is great for those who with busy schedules or can’t commit to an hours-long workshop because you can work at your own pace.  

I would recommend the course to anyone who is new to Facebook advertising.  

Jen Le, Riverside Ensembles  

This course is a life changer!  

When I started the course, my business was not getting any inquiries from Facebook. Now, I’m getting at least 6 high-quality leads per week! HIGH quality leads - 99% of people have booked a service (minimum of $160 ) after coming through Facebook.  

This course is so much more than learning where to click on Facebook's dashboard, you learn how to develop a strategy, how to be more engaging with your target audience and how EVERYTHING works.  

It’s really helped me in starting my business and getting clients :)  

What I loved the most about it is having Jess on board and available for any questions or advice.  

Asia Mogilevsky

Jessica has a calm, confident and steady approach that is so very reassuring and helpful.  

She is like a mentor for me in these early stages of my business growth. She is helping me to master the design, creation and promotion of my ads on facebook.  

She knows everything there is to know about facebook and ad conversions, creating advertisements to a cold audience and retargeting advertisements to audiences.  

She is able to guide me in the right direction and lead me through the many different pathways to creating an optimum advertisement.  

Thanks so much Jess for sharing and helping your knowledge with me. I can honestly say without you I may have given up a long time ago.  

Veronique, Econique

You are my spirit guide through the whole thing…. my phone is on the videos whilst i am on the computer creating the Campaigns..  

Trudy Snow, Creating Your Future