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Master the Art of Avertising on Facebook

Proven to fast-track your Facebook Advertising Success

 Imagine you could fast forward your knowledge of Facebook Ads and discover an easy way to run a high converting Facebook campaign?

 Hello, I’m Jess, your Facebook Advertising go-to-lady! 

Over the last three years I’ve created countless high converting Facebook Ad campaigns, and now I’ve distilled that knowledge into a simple self-paced online course that will teach you a PROVEN formula for creating high converting Facebook Ads that work.

 Who else wants more leads, customers or sales? 

With my online training you’ll be able to achieve outstanding results, with a step-by-step process you’ll quickly learn how easy it is to create targeted ads that will keep working while you sleep.

It’s not just an online training course. It’s a hand-held guide to finding, attracting and converting your ideal customers on Facebook.

You’ll get access to 5 Modules, 8 Lessons and over 25 Tutorials… but what's even MORE valuable, is the expert-level advice that you will get access to throughout the program and private groups.

At the end of this program, you will be fully equipped with the knowledge, expertise and confidence to create multiple, high converting Facebook Ad Campaigns.


I’m not going to blow you away with tech talk! This course has adopted the KISS approach (Keep It Simple, Stupid), which means it's designed to help you learn all the advanced Facebook Advertising strategies, in a really simple (yet extremely effective) way.  


Do you have a hard time remembering what you’ve learned? No problem! Every step of the ad creation process is taught through short step by step video tutorials, allowing you to navigate & watch the relevant tutorials, as and when you need them. You'll have LIFETIME access to this course, so there's no rush!


I encourage you to ask me questions relating to your personal Facebook Ad Campaign, including what products you should promote, what type of campaign you should create, and how much you should be spending on your Ads. Also, share your draft Ads with the like-minded group of business owners, to get valuable feedback, prior to launching.


"My Ad has only been running for 2 Days and I have 790 new likes. I’ve only spent $8.09 / 0.01c per like! 

It’s a great program and I have learnt so much more than I expected.  

- Brett, Brittish Wedding Cars

Here's what you can expect...

Module 1 - LEARN

  • A Complete overview of the Ad Creation process, and the steps you need to take to create a Profitable Facebook Ad Campaign. 
  • Learn how Facebook works, why Facebook Ads are so powerful, and the advanced techniques that experts use to get great results!
  • Learn the difference between Boosting a Post and creating Ads using the Ads Manager.
  • See how Facebook compares to other typical forms of Advertising you might currently be using.
  • Learn the structure of Facebook Ad Campaigns, including how to split test your Ads, and why it's a crucial step to getting better results with Facebook.


  • The 3 key steps to creating a Facebook Ad Campaign Strategy.
  • How to create an irresistible offer for your product or service, that entices your audience to take instant action.
  • The 14 different types of campaigns you can create, and how to choose the right campaign for your promotion.
  • How to create a profile of your 'Ideal Customer', for the specific product or service you're promoting.
  • How to turn your 'Ideal Customer' profile into a Facebook Audience that you can directly target your Ads to.
  • The simple 'Ad Copy Formula' that will make writing your Ads super simple and extremely effective.
  • How to create custom Facebook Ad Images that appeal directly to your target audience.

Module 3 - APPLY

  • How to set up your Facebook As Manager from scratch!
  • How to download your Facebook Tracking Pixel and install it on your website.
  • Guided step by step tutorials on how to create targeted & custom Facebook audiences, and save them to your account, allowing you to use them in all future Ad Campaigns.
  • How to get your first 1,000 Facebook Fans, for under $30 and in less than 1 week.
  • Guided step by step tutorials on how to create the 14 different Facebook Ad Campaigns available within the Facebook Ads Manager.
  • Guided step by step tutorials on how to start, stop and edit your Facebook Ads.
  • Guided step by step tutorials on how to split test your Ads and your Audiences.
  • Guided step by step tutorials on how to create the 5 different types of Facebook Ads; included Carousel, Canvas, Slideshows, Videos, and Single Image.

Module 4 - OPTIMISE

  • How to access your Facebook Ad Campaign Results.
  • How to read and understand your Facebook Ad Campaign Results.
  • How to track your Facebook Ad Campaign results.
  • How to know if and when your Facebook Ad Campaign needs to be tweaked.
  • Learn how to optimise and scale your Ads to get the best possible results.

Plus, to make sure you're fully equipped & confident in creating high converting Facebook Ads, you'll also get access to...

The Private 'Mastering Facebook Ads' Facebook Group

Get direct access to me, along with a serious group of entrepreneurs & small business owners, committed to creating their first Profitable Facebook Ad Campaign.

Use this group to share ideas on your promotion, what products you should promote, what type of campaign you should create, and how much you should be spending on your Ads. 

We'll leverage eachother to build the most powerful & profitable Facebook Ad Campaigns.

Bonus Lesson: How to convert your Facebook Fans into Paying Customers

Learn exactly what you should be doing on your Facebook Page to turn your new and existing Fans into paying customers, including:

  • The 3 essential elements to a high converting Facebook Business Page.
  • The 7 different types of Facebook Posts you should be sharing.
  • What you should be posting on your Facebook Page while your Ad Campaigns are running.

Bonus Lesson: How to Create Perfect Ad Images on Canva

In this bonus module, you'll learn exactly how to create Facebook Ad Images (and a lot more) using a Free Graphic Design tool, Canva. 

  • An introduction to Canva, including how to set up an account and create your first design.
  • How to access professionally designed Ad Images, and edit them to suit your brand.
  • How to upload a standard photo and turn it into a professional looking Ad graphic with your logo appearing on your photo.

Bonus Lesson: The Secret Recipe for Crafting Compelling Adverts that Convert!

Our fabulous copywriter Lisa Kniebe from Stella Polaris joins us for an intense Bonus Module, fousing on writing sales copy that converts!

  • The Secret Ingredients to Sales Success
  • How to mix up your Copy & make it fabulous!
  • Crafting a slippery slide to a sale!

Here's what others have had to say... 

"Jess is awesome when it comes to online marketing and creating Facebook Ads that actually work! 

I reached out to Jess when I wanted to take my boutique market store, and turn it into an online business. I was a complete newbie when it came to online marketing, and I’m not very tech-savvy, so the thought of going online was extremely daunting. 

I hired Jess to create my website and help me create Facebook Ads to increase my sales, and it’s led to me increasing my sales by 250% in the last month alone. 

When my recent Facebook Campaign was performing at it’s best, I was getting a new customer for every dollar that I spent on Ads. 

I would not hesitate to recommend Jess to any of my friends! “

- Donnelle, LondonBelle Kids Clothing  

"This course rocks! 

I feel like I'm finally understanding how Facebook Ads actally work! I wish I came across this course $1,000 ago! I’ve had more clicks on my 'shop now' button this month, then I had at Christmas Shopping time!"

- Lene McConnell 

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

I’ve made sure that this program is the simplest Ad-creation course available.

The content in this course has come from years of testing Facebook Ads for my own business, as well creating Ads for all of my clients, across a variety of industries.

However, if you’re on the fence…or if other online training programs have left you feeling hesitant, then I'd like for you to feel safe knowing that you have my Guarantee.

Complete the course step-by-step and If you're still unable to create your own Facebook Ad Camapigns, then I'll happily give your money back.

'Master the Art of Advertising on Facebook' is perfect for you if...

  • You own a local or online business and you’re confident that you’ve got an AMAZING product or service to sell! You just need help selling it!
  • You know Facebook is where you need to be, and that FB Ads are a game-changer, but you just don’t know HOW to put it all together!
  • You’re currently just Boosting your posts trying to reach new customers, but you know there’s a more effective and advanced way to reach your DREAM clients.
  • You’ve created Ads in the Ads Manager before BUT you’re just kinda fumbling your way around, and not really getting any results… (or maybe even not being able to read the metrics that actually matter!)
  • You know the basics of creating campaigns, but not the advanced 'stuff' like retargeting, installing a pixel to your website or tracking conversions.

If this is you, then I'm excited to Welcome you to 'Master the Art of Advertising on Facebook' and I can't wait to help you create high converting Facebook Ad Campaigns that generate high-quality leads, brand awareness and sales. 

 Are you ready to join me?

Need help or have any questions?

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