Unlock Your Amazing Potential

As a business owner your personal growth directly impacts the growth of your business. Why? Because your mindset, thinking and beliefs impact the success goals you strive for.  

So, I invite you to…  

  • Raise the bar 
  • Step into your growth zone 
  • And live your best life  

With the help of 50 global coaches.  

I’m super excited to be a contributing author to this unique book, ‘Activate Your Life: 50 Transformational Exercises from Coaches Around the World’.

50 practical self-coaching exercises used by leading international coaches from around the world. 

Each exercise is set-out with simple, actionable steps designed to help you:  

  • Still your inner critic 
  • Show-up with intention  
  • Live with purpose  
  • Pitch with confidence  
  • Achieve more  

This book is a powerful catalyst for change. And the best bit…  

Chapters come with a link to free resources for you to explore!

Who is Activate Your Life for?

This book brings a global perspective to personal development, it's perfect for:

  •  Business owners struggling to articulate their true value 
  •  Entrepreneurs who want to push through fears and resistance to achieve big goals 
  •  Working Parents who feel the pressure of balancing family life with business goals 
  •  Women who want to reconnect with their intuition and inner wisdom  

Lisa Kniebe | Copyright 2018